Tips On Fishing For Catfish At Night

Catfish At Night

A bass fishing expert in Taylorsville Lake used his experience to catch some big catfish on the banks of the rivers Beach Fork and Rolling Fork. The banks are infested with some big sized catfish that roam freely on the banks in search of food. The method he used was flipping changing the bait to some of the favorites of catfish like cut bait, night crawlers, and crawdads. The concept is simple but is fast. This way even aggressive catfish can be yours within no time. The trick is these channel cats are active during night time, and this could turn out to be a lively experience.

The right lighting is needed to facilitate the catch. Using fluorescent or black light can brighten up the bank and the region you have positioned the float. Now just flip the bait near the wooden structure on the bank and keep moving without staying for long in a place. Position your bait near the deep water where there are structural elements that attract fish. This can be some half a mile away from the banks. If you need more illumination, then it is advised to use the 12v fluorescent lamps as it illuminates a larger area and the white light gives a daylight effect.

The trick lies in the mounting the lamp to reach the target area. The lights are available in sports goods store and come with accessories like suction cups and sticks to fix it to your boat. There are baitcasting combos available in the market, and these are highly effective. The slip float rig is made of a bobber stop, a crappie hook of gold and ¼ oz shot sinker. Using this method even aggressive catfish can be caught within few seconds. When you do not find results within a few minutes, move to the next target. The catfish will be moved alongside the bank in search of food so a little research can help get a big catch.

If you are targeting channel cats can be best targeted with 30 lb FINS braided line with crappie hook is ideal to catch channel cats that are less than 15lb. Using this hook, it is easier to catch more fish without retying repeatedly. This method is not just suitable for night fishing but works well during the day as well. Some of the bait choices include night crawler during spring but during July and August the effect of this bait it less as it attracts pan fish. During summer cut bait, crawdads and chub minnows are popular.

Flatheads can be caught using the same technique irrespective of whether it is daytime or night. Most flatheads are found surrounding the structure in search of food. The structure is home for flatheads. The equipment needed to catch flathead needs the same rigging but with a decent strength. Choosing a medium sized heavy rod with a reel combo that comes with 80 lb FINS braid with a rod that is strong enough to pull even a big flathead from the logs without messing up is the ideal choice.