Learn How Current Seams Attract Big Catfish

Big Catfish

Check in water flow caused current seams. In a river, structural elements are produced due to current seams like eddies, deep holes, wing dams, backwaters, and points. The structures divert the current. On the banks, obstructions are developed, and these are termed as points and humps. These checkpoints will slow the water flow as a seam is created in between the slow water that is diverted and the fast flowing current. Behind the obstructions causes a structure called Eddy. This is extremely slow water with a funnel effect. The tail of the Eddie creates a whirlpool effect. This is where the food is concentrated as it drifts.

Catfishing During SpringForage fishes come in batches to feed on the drifting food. In turn, big catfishes come to feed on the forage fish. The speed of the current is responsible for the seam development on the break. Once you understand the spot on the river bed, it is easier to find out where the prize catch will be. After identifying the spot based on the current seam patterns, it is easier to fish based on the water flow. At times when the water level is low the flow is slow, the seams will not be prominent during this stage and in most cases will be non-existent.

If you want to make a big catch, then it is important to understand the water levels and speed patterns on the seam. All this is based on the flow, the catfish changes with the flow. Positioning your boat on the current seams is not as simple as you perceive. Again understanding where to anchor your boat is crucial for the catch. If you place it on the fast seam, then there are chances the bait will drift away, and if you place on the slow seam the Eddie will spin the boat as you will be in the middle of the whirlpool effect. Identify the right spot and benefit.