Guide To Catfishing During Spring

Catfishing During Spring

Keep your bait and fishing rod ready as spring arrives catfishes come to the shallow waters as part of their migratory traits. This is the ideal time for fishing. The pleasant weather is the perfect timing for some outdoor activity and fishing is one among them. The warm weather drives fishes to the surface allowing them to feed before they start laying eggs. The water will remain 4-8 degrees warmer luring the catfish to the surface. The catfish move to the upstream for food and in the process cross channel ledges, contour asymmetries, water impressions and long points.

In still water sources like lakes and reservoirs, the catfish moves to the warmer waters looking for food. The warm water gives a soothing effect and attracts the fish to the surface. The northern part of the banks and the coves are first to be hit by the sun’s rays and turn warmers and baiting here can turn out to be fruitful. Water areas that are flat lacking structures attract catfish as the water here gets warmer fast. The warmth helps in algae growth. This is the food for catfish and shad, and these fishes swarm up to the region. Not just catfish but other species also infest this region to feed on the algae.

CatfishingIf you are interested in fishing from the banks, there are certain tips to follow. Remember that here the dragging technique will not help. But there is no need to worry as catfish comes to the banks for food and you can take advantage of this situation to drag the fish out of the water using bait and a decent fishing rod. The shallow water fishing has to be approach differently to get a decent catch. The type of water body does not matter as the catfish follows the same migratory patterns. So whether you fish in a lake, pond, river or reservoir the catfish will be available at the surface during spring time. The shallow water is a comfort zone for the fish.

A fishing enthusiast needs to identify such locations. This is mostly on the north banks as this region gets warmer during the springtime. Yet, the catch is not just restricted to this region as feeder creeks mouths and reefy ditches also are an ideal location for catfish catch. The water line has to be observed carefully from the banks of the river. Another fertile region is the small ditch area that runs into the underwater just off the hill. This area can be highly productive during spring. While fishing in farm ponds, the same technique can be followed. Always stay to the fill ditch region of the pond just further the dam. The water here is warm and is suitable for fishing.

Read More Useful Information On Fishing For Big Cats During Winter

Useful Information On Fishing For Big Cats During Winter

Fishing For Big Cats During Winter

A good fishing equipment, boat, and bait cannot guarantee success while fishing for catfish. The talent to identify the currents, water levels, structural elements, temperature, etc. is all integral part of a successful fishing campaign. Studying catfish behavior can be helpful in getting some big catch. Winter is fast approaching and learning tips to catch catfish during this season could be beneficial. Winter is considered to be the best season to get some trophy catfish. They migrate to the deep water habitats where they fight the severe cold months. They spend most of their time in these dens looking for food. While this is going on, why not go deer hunting? All you’d need is a gun, some gun safes and a hunting license. It should be easy.

Catfishing During SpringVarieties of fishes are attracted to the wintering hole during the winters. Some of the fishes found here include carp, mooneye, and shad. Catfish are attracted to this area as their food lies here. Especially big cats are drawn to this region and using the right bait you can hit on some big catfish. A commonly used technique during winter is the precision anchoring technique especially near deep water wintering holes. Identifying these structures and anchoring in this location and baiting for the cats can give you desired results. Another commonly used technique is known as bounding down. It is not target oriented but helps cover a large area especially runs and holes.

The golden rule is that the equipment you use should match the size of the fish you are aiming at. The fishing equipment is available at sports stores. Medium and heavy duty rod is available easily and can get the goal accomplished quickly. Knifes are also important, check out the following ling to get an appropriate one one the best fish fillet knife. For professionals who fish regularly throughout the year, it is best to do some research before finalizing fishing equipment that can hold big cats comfortably. The bottom line here is to look for equipment that lasts for long. Catfish is turning into a sport fish, and strict regulations are being drawn to protect them.

Learn How Current Seams Attract Big Catfish

Big Catfish

Check in water flow caused current seams. In a river, structural elements are produced due to current seams like eddies, deep holes, wing dams, backwaters, and points. The structures divert the current. On the banks, obstructions are developed, and these are termed as points and humps. These checkpoints will slow the water flow as a seam is created in between the slow water that is diverted and the fast flowing current. Behind the obstructions causes a structure called Eddy. This is extremely slow water with a funnel effect. The tail of the Eddie creates a whirlpool effect. This is where the food is concentrated as it drifts.

Catfishing During SpringForage fishes come in batches to feed on the drifting food. In turn, big catfishes come to feed on the forage fish. The speed of the current is responsible for the seam development on the break. Once you understand the spot on the river bed, it is easier to find out where the prize catch will be. After identifying the spot based on the current seam patterns, it is easier to fish based on the water flow. At times when the water level is low the flow is slow, the seams will not be prominent during this stage and in most cases will be non-existent.

If you want to make a big catch, then it is important to understand the water levels and speed patterns on the seam. All this is based on the flow, the catfish changes with the flow. Positioning your boat on the current seams is not as simple as you perceive. Again understanding where to anchor your boat is crucial for the catch. If you place it on the fast seam, then there are chances the bait will drift away, and if you place on the slow seam the Eddie will spin the boat as you will be in the middle of the whirlpool effect. Identify the right spot and benefit.